Saturday, October 8, 2011

He Said....

There has been alot of talk in the Fashion's Sweethart office of late about our boyfriend's opinions on what we wear, our parent's opinions and even our best friend's opinions on what we wear. So I've asked a panel of four of my favourite gentlemen to review five photographs from FS shoots over the past year.

Meet Mark (my friend from highschool), Dan (my boyfriend), Micheal (my father) and Zachary (my gay best friend). Check out what they have to say about everything from denim shorts to parasols.

I like this outfit, particularly the brown hair. I also like the Parasol. (Dan)

The all-white colour scheme works really well. This is a very cutesy dress that could be worn casually about town to friends or even to a somewhat classy dinner or night on the town! My favourite. (Zachary)

The look is great- I appreciate the subtle clash / combination of the European lady with the Japanese parasol.
Depending on the context this has can say a lot. (Micheal)

Stunning! It reminds me of summer, the dress and shoes in white, reminds me of summer days at a park. (Mark)

This selection is drab and boring. I don't like the dull colours, nothing seems to stand out. (Dan)

Not sure about the hat, but then again i'm no stylist, but i like the rest the clothing. (Mark)

The yellow coat/hat isn't really working for me. I think the dress would look much nicer with a black belt around the waits. If you're a bit more risque, I would even suggest loosing the stockings and replacing the boots with a simple black heel. (Zachary)

Great colour combo - updated late seventies - heels freshen up a classic look that usually contains boots.(Micheal)

I really like how the hair is done in this particular photo. (Dan)

The overall look is great but the jeans seem out of context- when I look at this I think of b grade hollywood films and these jeans don't match. (Micheal)

The white shirt with the black jeans: GREAT! The purple scarf and the brown shoes with this outfit, disaster! The colours don't work at all. Lose the scarf, wear a pair of cute flats with it instead. (Zachary)

Casual yet stylish, clothing looks to be able to be worn for anything yet still look great. (Mark)

The outfit is almost perfect, minus the colour of the dress. I don't know who decided that mustard was an attractive colour, but they were obviously craving a hotdog or just completely insane! The belt, stocking and heels look great though. (Zachary)

Don't like the colour of the shirty thing, or the ridiculous belt. The leggings seem pointless, with the hole for putting your shoes in. (Dan)

Needs some beads! (Micheal)

Festival. Shirt and shorts are a great combo for a hot day out listening to music. (Mark)

The singlet is very Agyness Dean (in my opinion, a good thing). The highwaisted shorts go well with a white print singlet, very rock chic! Would look great with messy hair, a heavy liner and a red lip! My 2nd favourite. (Zachary)

Hands down my favourite. because you're not wearing pants. (Dan)

Where are the glasses? (Micheal)