Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kisses from Lola

It may be raining outside, but don't try and tell me you're not all thinking summer dresses, 50s shaping and block necklaces aren't grabbing your attention. Need a place for all that and more, but don't feel the urge to go shopping in the rain? Check out online boutique Lolola Boutique

Lolola is the brain child of a girl obsessed with overseas fashion and a self confessed online shopping addict. Lolola's unique style is injected into the clothes we sell and design! So Lolola is bringing you the best competitive price for fashion available from established international designers and emerging international designers , as well as Lolola's own designs. They also support emerging local designers and encourage all designers to contact us for potential future stocking of your items.

Kassidy Yang Makeup Kathryn Rose
Model Cassandra Green