Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Little Black Tinkerbell

This outfit has many stories attached to it, mainly tales aligned with my current job working as a stock controller for a retail company. Firstly this dress didn't come into my possession so layered and jagged as it appears here. This was my handy work, as it was once a maxi dress and having worn it once or twice to work it had it's far share of being pulled around. There were holes here and there below the knee, and it was a question of should I... a) throw it out, b) take it to a tailor who could shorten it, or c) get some scissors and craft myself a one-of-a-kind mini dress. I was going to go with plan b, but given that it just sat on a chair in my bedroom for two months I decided it was time to opt for plan c. I figure even if I only wear it once or twice before going with plan a at least it's not gathering dust on a chair in my bedroom for eternity.

Then there's the gold watch which I'm also sporting in this outfit. This watch was given to me as an eighteenth birthday gift from my Nanna and I love it. It's nice and dainty, just like me. Having never worn a watch to my new job... I wouldn't dare have worn it when I worked in retail sales or hospitality, for fear it would get lost... I decided to wear it on one particular day. Of course I lost it! I almost broke down in tears, until two days later I got a call from one of the chain stores telling me they found a gold watch in one of the boxes I had transferred to them! Hurray! Two weeks later and I finally got it back by good old snail mail. I won't be wearing it to this job again. Perhaps when I'm working back in administration I'll welcome the watch back to Monday to Friday occasions.

So what do you think of my handy work on this little black frock? I tried very hard to have it jagged rather than welcome a "mullet dress" disaster.