Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My favourite pack of cards: Autumn

It's February,
and there are only four things that make this month stand out for me.
1 - University heads back
2 - It's the shortest month of the year
3 - Today is Valentine's Day! (Happy Valentine's Day to my Valentine Daniel!)

...but most importantly, number 4; It's the last month of Summer, which means it's only one month from the cold breeze. Although everyone's thinking stupid rain, stupid flooding, stupid humidity... all I'm thinking is "AUTUMN IS ALMOST HERE!!!!" So what do I love so much about Autumn? The weather, the cuddles, the hot chocolate and of course the fashion!

This Autumn I'll be draped in black and white with coloured accessories. Pink and Red heels, a touch of sequins here and there. Coloured Kimonos seem to be making a flash on the fashion scene, so there may be some occasions where I'll wear mine (which is usually used as a dressing gown) out of the house.

In terms of beauty, I'll be sporting big brows and big hair. Bold lipstick also makes a return to my look in the cooler months, as it doesn't melt away as quickly during the day; or in my purse.

Makeup - Kathryn Rose
Photography - Selby Pearce