Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brands that make me smile ♥

I've been blogging about fashion for a while now, and yet I feel as though I haven't given you my love & lusts list. Of course my style changes from season to season, year to year. I may love a brand one year, and hate it's collection the next, but as for this now, here's my collection of loves & lust.... in alphabetical order of course.
My go to place, practically every payday. My favourite things to search for are dresses in classic shapes and colours, like black and blue. They also have some amazing office skirts, and totes. My wardrobe is practically overflowing with Asos attire, with my most recent purchases being a blue tulle evening dress (embellished with sequins), a purple knitted dress (sweet outfit to be published later in the week) and a faux fur coat.

I'm finding that this is the place I go for luxe feeling weekend and evening pieces. They have the most amazing colour palette this season, with mulberry, teal and washed out beige all making a huge impact. My most recent purchases have been a teal green evening dress (which come to think of it, I may just have to wear tonight) and a luxe faux fur coat in a lovely washed out leopard print.

Cotton On Body
This is my one stop shop for cute little boyleg underpants, satin dressing gowns and yes, I did purchase last season's swimwear from Cotton On. I feel as though these are the sorts of pieces that from day to day I don't really need to spend too much money on. I'd much rather spend $150 on a dress than on a new bra.

Two words; Hats & Socks. When it comes to autumn and spring I am in love with ankle socks. I think they are just the sweetest thing to both warm up your feet and add a bit of character to a simple outfit. I also have a vast collection of Dotti hats, both straw and velvet, which I wear all year round.

Forever New
Forever one of my favourite places to make a pit stop. This is my favourite place to purchase bags, and the greatest thing is I have bags from them from way back when they launched in 2006....and I still use them! You're looking at between $50 to $120 for a bag that's going to last you six years. Not to mention they have some great Audrey-inspired dresses to pick up from only $70.

Lace by Selby-Cait
My favourite accessory designer, paving the way for headbands to take over Brisbane's fashion scene. I love her headbands with delicate little flowers, and those with simple lace embellishment. I got the chance to model for her way back in 2010. Definitely a designer to check out on Facebook.

The greatest clothes are clothes that bring you confidence, and this can definitely be said about the pieces I've bought from Portmans. I got the chance to model some of their pieces for our Melbourne Cup piece. I have never felt more like a lady in my life! My most recent purchase was a white pencil skirt, to match a white blazer I got from Bardot last year. It makes me feel so feminine, so powerful and ready to take on the world.

Princess Polly
Another very feminine shop, housing labels like Mink Pink & Yellowcake. I fell in love with the brand when I got to model their clothes in 2010. I do most of my purchases online at, and my last purchase was a lovely little floral printed summer dress.

Ra Ra Superstar
This little vintage boutique, hidden away in Paddington, is one of my favourite places for 60s mod a la Twiggy. The girls at Fashion's Sweethart love the 60s, and so you can believe my excitement when I found Ra Ra. We did a shoot with some of my favourite dresses from there last year. The girls there will even do alterations on clothes if they don't fit you quite right, so if you're teeny like me and my housemate they'll tighten your purchases free of charge.

My brother got me into these and now they're the only sneakers I can truly love. I love how you can buy the guys shoes too, because they're all unisex.

This is by far my favourite shoe shopping destination. I love the vintage inspired brogues, suede kitten heels and evening heels like my amazing Emerald Slippers (Wizard of Oz) that my brother bought me for my 20th. My most recent purchase was on Friday. A pair of brown buckle ankle boots. So 60s. So much love.