Friday, March 9, 2012

Raw Sweethart; The Soloist

It takes a lot of confidence to do it alone. Many women step out on their own day in and day out as single women. Others step out on their own as career women who don't strive to be the popular girl at work, but to get the job done. Then there are those who dip their toe into a pastime and suddenly get over it. That's me. I love fashion shoots but I also love doing my own thing, and I love styling my own clothes. I also love the thought of an unedited model. That is why today I went my own way and took these photos of my outfit at my little apartment in Brisbane city (with the help of my trusty tripod) and uploaded them straight here without editing them at all.

This outfit was put together, from shoes to blazer. I got these Nine West "Soloist" flats last week and I'm in love. The mulberry colour matches so well with greens, purples and golden mustard. Paired with a Supre leotard and Ally black skirt, the shoes and blazer definitely smarten up a simple outfit.