Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fur: Something to think about

Most of you would have subjected yourself to some form of pain for beauty, or for fashion. Things such as wearing shoes a size too small, or an inch too high, or better yet jeans too tight. Various forms of beauty procedures go along the same lines, 'Beauty is pain'.

Fur is a whole other issue.

I am a member of the leather club, as I wear leather shoes, but purely because the animal is being killed for its meat not just for fashion. The leather used for shoes is a by product and therefore I can sleep at night without my conscience running overtime. I do enjoy the feel of fur coats, however I choose to buy faux fur products as many of these animals are killed primarily for fashion.

"There's nothing fashionable about a dead animal that has been cruelly killed just because some people think it looks cool to wear." - Stella McCartney

Mink are the most common animals to be subject to 'fur farms'. Rabbits, foxes, chinchillas, raccoons, beavers and lynxes are also farmed. Can you imagine cooking up these animals to have with your dinner? There are various methods to kill and skin these animals, and most of the information is too confronting for me to even repeat, however if you require further information click here.