Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pocket Money #001: Pleather & Cable Knit

I've always loved the look of long socks with mini skirts. Together these pieces can create both the illusion of height, and the power of seduction, and it doesn't have to cost you a pretty penny at all. This entire outfit cost only $150, accessories included.

I've had a few requests of recent from sweethearts asking me to uncover more inexpensive pieces, and how to look fashionably chic on a little "pocket money". At least once a fortnight I promise to bring you another installment to the Pocket Money series. All outfits will be under $200 and will bring together the latest trends.

Cotton On skirt $20
Cotton On knit $40
Valleygirl blouse $20
Cotton On socks $7
London Rebel flats $15
Rings Lovisa ($10 each)
Earrings Lovisa $8
Clutch Equip $20
Belt Portmans $10