Sunday, June 24, 2012

Glamour in Brisbane

I'm enjoying the Brisbane fashion at the moment. In fact, just last night I was talking to my friend Zachary about how I've noticed a major swing in Brisbane fashion over the past six months or so. The folk of Brisbane have suddenly decided to push the boundaries of the fashion trends, rather than just running around in skinny jeans and cable knit jumpers.

It may be the recent 'hipster' influence or the access to more inspiration online, but girls that have had no experience in the 'industry' are now styling just like a stylist or fashion buyer. The biggest trends to float throughout Brisbane are clashing textures, sequins and big accessories.

I for one absolutely love these sequin tights from Asos paired with these fake frames. One of the greatest things about these tights is that they are panelled tights where the front part is covered in sequins and the back is left blank, preventing the dreaded 'sequin butt' feel.

Asos sequin tights
Asos bow back dress
Wittner heels
Cotton On frames