Friday, July 13, 2012

Love Cats Relaunch

Last Friday night I headed out to Alloneword for the ReLaunch of Love Cats party night. I had my new ears from Asos which, luckily for me, arrived the day before. It was magnificent, Tin Can Radio (a band, not an ornament) were spectacular and the party vibe was so contagious. I haven't had so much fun since the last Threaded event I went to. Excuse all the photos of me, but for my friends security, I'm saving them from being plastered all over Fashion's Sweethart. They are simply too attractive to get away with the explosure and have no new stalkers.

Andrew (creator of Love Cats) has a desire to get people dancing and just celebrating being alive and young. He started the venture last year with a Thursday night for uni students, but after a break has moved the celebration to one Friday a month so even more people can enjoy the splendour that comes with pointy ears and a fluffy tail.

The People of LOVE CATS
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