Saturday, July 21, 2012

She wears the pants

I'm usually a dresses and skirts kind of girl. I enjoy the feeling of being able to swish a garment around my hips and the fact that there are so many different styles & cuts that I can pick up in the more feminine range of clothing.

I'm not a jeans girl. I own a pair of faded blue jeans that no longer fit, as a result of my "let's quit the gym" revelation, and a pair of dark blue flares from my bar tending days. Okay those flares fit, so I'm not discarding them just yet.

So why am I suddenly purchasing all sorts of different pants? None of them, as you can tell are plain denim jeans. Perhaps it's my desire to somehow get into the "tights as pants" trend.... actually it's definitely not! If there's one thing I can't stand in the fashion world at the moment is 'tights are pants'. It's just, I've decided that this season I can have my cake and eat it too... and prove to the world that I'm that girl who can "wear pants" and still remain feminine. If I start looking like a boy, someone slap me.

Denim shorts with long sleeved blouses, sequin tights with dresses that cover my behind and front, vertical striped jeans (refer to post earlier this week) and floral trousers with pop colour accessories.

Denim shorts (TEMT)
Floral Trousers (ASOS)
Sequin Tights (ASOS)
Striped Jeans (ASOS)

Photos by Allanah Hockam