Thursday, August 23, 2012

A play date with Dickybird Dresses

Many of you would know how much I love quirky designers who handmade their garments, especially those who started their business from the sweat of their own brow. No old money here, just hours of hard work. Some of my favourite designers are based in Brisbane, such as Evelyn Curtis, Lace, My Little Rockabilly and That Ring Place. Just recently I've come across too new favourites and I was lucky enough to collaborate with them recently, with My Little Rockabilly & the Fashion's Sweethart team. Let me present, Dickybird Dresses! I've already had her make me two dresses for my own wardrobe at home, and there is another one on it's way!

What started eighteen months ago, as merely an idea, is fast becoming a small business. Designer Kristen sews all dresses by hand, inspired by styles 1940-1960. She also does custom pieces, so even if you want her to make a dress in a fabric of your own, she'll be happy to oblige. They are also very reasonable when it comes to price, with pieces selling for as little as $35! Befriend her on Facebook for more information.

♥ Photographs by Selby Pearce ♥
♥ Makeup by Kathryn Rose ♥
♥ Models - Claire Nada & Cassie E ♥

Dresses by Dickybird Dresses
Bows by My Little Rockabilly

Hugs & Cupcakes,
Fashion's Sweethart