Monday, August 6, 2012

Exploring another decade

I'm a sixties girl at heart. I love printed pants, shift dresses and cropped hair, but for one day I decided to see how the other half lived. I decided to go to 50s rockabillys biggest event of the year, 'Greasefest'. Yesterday the Rocklea showgrounds were covered in Hot Rods, row after row. It was Daniel & Alex's heaven, not to mention there was a licensed tattooist on the premises too. We almost came back with more ink, but refrained and spent our money at the market stalls instead. I wore a blonde wig to bring out my inner bombshell and posed with some hot rods. I also managed to bag a few steals, in the shape of cute earrings, bows and passionfruit fairy floss. Alex bought me a cute 50s dress, which I will no doubt showcase on here very soon.

Dress - Valleygirl
Scarf - markets
Pendant - markets
Socks - Rubi shoes
Shoes - Asos
Cardigan - Cotton On
Pearls - gift from parents