Friday, August 24, 2012

Lust List Spring 2012

I've been home sick from work this week, which definitely does not help my bank account. Lying in bed watching Cashmere Mafia and Audrey Hepburn classics, with easy access to online shopping. I've only managed to click the "Check Out" button twice, and one was a gift so 'it doesn't count'. These are a few of the pieces I have been swooning over in amongst my coughing fits and leisurely nanna naps.

Embellished skirtEmbellished collarPeal collar
Bloomer ShortsGreen SatchelGlitter GlassesWhite Kaftan Dress
Scallop DressBeige Embellished DressBlack Sequin DressMetallic Mini Skirt
Floral Sequin SkirtLace JacketPrinted Blue SkirtCream CardiganFloral Skirt
Cream SatchelBow Tote