Friday, August 17, 2012

The sweetest little Rockabilly in town

Kat Creasy is the epitome of this generation's Rockabilly culture. She's part of the icons who are driving a new brand of 'Rockabilly', with tattoos, skull bows and bright revamped furniture. Not only does Miss Creasy bring old pieces of furniture to life with modern details, she only runs makeup and hair classes, and styles girls for their very own pin up photo shoots. Another thing I just love about her is that she's doing a whole lot of collaborating with my favourite makeup artist Kathryn Rose and so I felt it necessary to pick her brain in this mini interview.

1. What drew you into the Rockabilly Culture?
I grew up in a classic car loving family, every year they would have a new chevy or ford in the family, then sell it and move to the next restoration adventure. I discovered at age 14 that 'Rockabilly' and 'Pin Up' fashion went amazingly well with my dads passion for pre 1965 Vehicles and I also discovered that with my fair skin and red/blonde hair that once was frowned upon by peers was celebrated and suited me to a T. I am absolutely in love with Rockabilly music, the true stuff from where it all began.

2. Which icons, dead or alive, inspire you most in your day to day life?

Peggy Lee- inspires me musically, fashion wise, and confidence wise
Tarina Tarantino- Jewellery designer- ah- mazing person.

3. What is the sweetest thing about you?

I consider myself a sweet person all round for the fact that I will go that extra mile to help a close friend or a total stranger.

4. You make a living off 'my little rockabilly'.
Do you have any advice for those starting their own business?

Push to be someone different and stand out from the crowd with individuality for any business ideas you may have. Customers love knowing the person behind the label, so share your journey- Social media is truly amazing. Research before you do anything- markets and festivals are a great way to meet people. and network like crazy. and never! go into business with anyone else. step to your own savvy business beat.

5. How do you cope with people duplicating your ideas?
Whether they be ideas for photoshoots, furniture or accesories?

It used to really drive me crazy, but to be honest, it happens so frequently especially in the circle of Australian DIY designers that I just think now that my loyal customers will come to me because they trust my brand and the quality in all that I 'sell' as a product. I get upset sometimes and discuss with my partner, parents and my close friends and sometimes they just give me a friendly reminder that there is more positive than negative and that there is enough room for everyone in the world. I have learnt to spend my time crafting, creating and reinventing instead of dwelling and being sour- Buddhism and meditation is to thank for that!

6. What is your favourite part of what you do?

I absolutely love my job, so so so much. Everything that revolves around MLR and the experiences and amazing people i get to meet. But my favourite part is creating! crafting and showing the world my craft.

7. Tell me something that the average person wouldn't know about you?

Lets see.. I dont really talk about how in love with music I am. I play bass, guitar, piano, banjo and I sing. I have taught kids music since i was still in high school. I am formally trained in Jazz singing. Some people know I sing and play music, noone has heard me... yet.

8. You must have had some experience getting recognised by fans.
What is the weirdest way a fan has acted when meeting you?

Generally people are too shy to say hello or introduce themselves. I really am kind of shy myself! but i do love meeting people. Im a dork! come say hello. I have noticed that people have the assumption that I will judge them because of their hair/makeup or fashion. I am not like that at all! I grew up being judged, I wouldn't do it to someone else.

Once.. at wintersun a few years back a fellow and his wife came up to me, she stood in front and spoke and he didn't say a word he just stared, she said 'we love you, my husband LOVEeessss you, i print out photos of you to put on his roof in his bedroom'' all my friends and my partner heard this, but at the time i thought 'what you have separate bedrooms' then later realized just how creepy what she said really was.

9. What is your favourite movie of all time?

CRY BABY- i think that might be just because i have a major girl crush on Wanda.. like everyone does.
THE FORBIDDEN CANCER CURES- you tube it ;) the title says it all.

10. You're on a special diet at the moment. What's that about?

Well its not a fad diet like celebrity slim, Im intolerant to Fructose, it has taken 8 years to discover this because generally doctors do not test it, But i have had fibromyalgia since i was a young in fashion college but have since realised that if you are fructose intolerant- the symptoms are very similar to someone with chronic fatigue.

I plan to study Nutrition and Whole food medicine- I do not believe in eating Diary or Sugar- and I am heavily into Organic unprocessed foods for healing major ill health problems like cancer and diabetes.

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