Sunday, September 16, 2012

Born to Bloom

I bought my first pair of day-wear bloomers recently from Asos and I must say they are the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn! I've been wearing these around the house for weeks but it wasn't until yesterday that I ventured out in them. I got some funny looks as it's a little different to the fashion of the other folk at Chermside Westfield. I just shrugged it off because I felt so cute and comfortable in them, and as I was wearing pastel pink stockings under them, my legs felt nice and firm. I don't think I'd have to guts to wear them to the shops without stockings though, but only time will tell.

Bloomers & Brogues - Asos
Jumper - Princess Polly
Pearls - Gifted
Pendant - Tiffany & Co
Stockings - Equip
Bow - My Little Rockabilly