Friday, September 14, 2012


I’m officially out of stockings during the week! My office wear is becoming much more spring like with heeled patent sandals and dresses that graze just above my knees. It is a shock to the system, as up to now, since I can’t even remember – April maybe – I have been living in stockings and beautiful coats. I’m sad that it’s starting to warm up. I really really like winter, and although many people who say they love winter complain that they want Summer by the time August comes around, I ALWAYS WANT WINTER!

Earlier this week I got my fringe trimmed by the lovely Mel at Rokstar salon in Red Hill. I’d spent a good week or so contemplating whether I should just grow it out as I know that it won’t be long before it’s clinging to my forehead drowning in sweat and I’m cursing my decision to have a fringe in summer. Nevertheless, my inner goddess made me do it, because well, without my fringe a piece of my Audrey-ness would suddenly disappear.

A couple of weeks ago I also had to do the inevitable, tear-jerking, storage of my beautiful faux fur coats. Thank goodness for those vacuum bags! Within only a few Mississippis three coats and a fluffy bathrobe decreased to the size of two small cardigans, all so I could make room on my coat rack for denim waistcoats and embellished boleros. As much as I love my boleros, they’re nothing compared to my leopard print faux fur. A bolero just can’t cuddle you and make you feel like a duchess like a well-made faux fur coat can.

So how am I coping? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that summer is coming, no matter how much I pray to the man upstairs to hold it back for another twelve months. I’ve got a long list of coping mechanisms this year. Hibernating for the next six months was my first thought but then I decided on the following rules to live by...

1. Wear colour. Colour causes smiles. Research shows that, well I’m assuming it would. If it doesn’t, than really it should, because colour makes people happy.

2. Go and buy an amazing bikini with high waisted briefs. I haven’t done this yet, but it’s on my list. I went to Chermside Westfield the other day, and had no luck so that’s not a good sign. If you have any ideas for where I should go let me know.

3. No online shopping for two months! Weird coping mechanism you may think, but I know that all I’ll do is buy reduced winter clothes and get upset that I can’t wear them yet.

4. Experiment with coloured makeup like eyeshadow and lipstick. I do this every season, but as my clothes change so do my tastes in makeup.

5. Hide away to beachy destinations like Coffs Harbour and Maroochydore as often as possible. I’m thinking this will be a monthly, or even fortnightly, activity.

6. I will not cave into bikini body diet madness. I hate yoyo dieting and this time each year makes way for a bunch of silly girls who think they should push themselves to lose enough fat to feed a small army (okay I just envisioned that in my head too. Sorry for the bad imagery) all in the name of being the skinniest girl on the beach. If you want to lose weight that's great, just do it over time and learn how to maintain it.

7. I will ignore girls who proceed to show off their midrifts or let their shorts eat a large component of their bum cheeks. I will also ignore the Oompa Loompa army that will no doubt stampede the city very soon.

8. Crochet, florals, pearls and lace will be my weapon of choice. I will wear too many accessories and strut into rooms with my bare legs on show, even if they aren’t as toned as they were last summer.

Okay after reading over my coping mechanisms I'm thinking maybe I need to see someone. I’m obviously showing signs of summerphobia!

♥ Have a lovely day! ♥