Friday, December 28, 2012

The year that was: Twenty Twelve

Bon Voyage 2012. We're still here, alive, the world is still rotating an the sun is still shining. I never believed in the 'end of the world' business... there was way too much evidence against the concept of the world ending on 21/12/12. Right now I'd like to celebrate life, a new year and the moments from this year that made it such a great one. There were birthdays, hair cuts, big coats, dressing tables and so many memorable moments with my fantastic friends.

This year I turned twenty one and celebrated with a lovely dinner with my family, who came from all over Australia to celebrate, and a few close friends. It was a lovely evening, followed by a night dancing until our feet bled at Cloudland and Kaliber in Fortitude Valley.

These cupcakes have got to be one the cutest things I had the chance to eat this year. We ordered them from "The Cupcake Parlour" at West End for my twenty first. Although I couldn't eat the ones with the owls as they had gluten in the icing I still got to eat fluffy gluten free ones and take photos with the pretty owls.

One of my best friends and favourite Brisbane designers, Lexi Wittke of Evelyn Curtis, made me these adorable high waisted swimmers. We were having breakfast one morning and I was whingeing about how I couldn't find high waisted swimmers that weren't red or a disgusting print, so she made it her mission to make me some. I must say I get compliments everytime I wear them.

This coat was the best vintage buy of the year. It was only $40 from Rag&Bone in West End and it is the comfiest knit/cotton blend coat I have ever worn.

This year I fell in love with faux fur, and purchased two fantastic coats. I bought both of them in late summer, when they began to appear in my favourite retailers, in preparation for winter. The leopard print is from Bardot, and the faux mink is from Asos Uk.

Little Miss Dickybird won me over with her fantastic handmade dresses and bloomers. Over the course of the year I have accumulated three dickybird dresses (two custom) and one pair of dickybird pyjamas (custom). I also got to do a photo shoot with the brand in August, where I bought a dress straight from the samples.

This month I went to the races with my girls Selby and Lexi. It was one of the best days out of the whole year and I plan on going back to the races many times in 2013.

My hair went through more transitions this year. Last year I made the switch from blonde to brunette, but this year the focus was more on the cut as it got shorter and shorter over time. Less than a weak after I stepped out with my latest crop I found friends of mine taking the leap too. If you ask me imitation really is the greatest form of flattery.

These bloomer shorts sparked a bit of controversary online when I wore them out in public with pastel pink stockings and macaroon shoes. Some people thought I was crazy and judged me for wearing "underwear" out in public, whilst others applauded me for being confident and creative in my appearance. All I can say is, at least I was wearing pants and not tights as pants.

This ensemble is one of my favourites of the year. I wore this little yellow tutu and houndstooth shirt to the Brisbane Greek festival earlier this year. Tutus and Tulle definitely made a reoccuring appearance in my 2012 wardrobe.

Sparkly tights! These tights, which were worn with dresses each and every wear, were a constant conversation starter. I had people coming up to me in the street when I wore them and the blog post in which I first introduced these sequin tights was one of the most viewed posts all year. I can't wait for next Autumn so I can bring them out of hiding.

This wig sprouted alot of questions. I wore it to Greasefest this year, just after I had my hair cropped into a bob, and many people thought it was my real hair. Rumour bust: I do not plan on going blonde again for a very long time, and if I do my followers on instagram and facebook will be the first to know.

Instagram became a real obsession for me. I love how it's social media via photographs, as one of my pet peeves is people whingeing through facebook and twitter statuses. I love how creative some of my instagram friends get with their photographs and how interesting they can make a bowl of porrige or a single red rose look.

See you lot next year!