Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Palm Sunday Brunch

Last Sunday I held a Palm Sunday Ladies brunch for my group of favourite lady friends. We had scrambled eggs, and chocolate, and watermelon, and bacon - oh and hot cross buns. It was simply fantastic. I absolutely love to host when I have a stellar cast of guests like these girls. They make hosting a breeze, all I said was bring a plate of something yummy and try to be prompt and they were there ready to enjoy a coffee & a plate (or two) of delicious food.

What planning was involved?
Well about a month before the brunch date I sent each of my ladies an invitation via facebook, as we do with all our little get togethers. I was specific on the time and the date, but not the place in case someone else wanted to host brunch instead. The verdict was soon in that I should host and as soon as this was decided, I wrote a list of things I believed we needed and send it out to my guests who quickly chose what they would like to bring along. I organised the rest of the food on the list and bought a few dozen chocolate eggs... I may have gone overboard on the chocolate eggs. I prepped decorations the evening before brunch and set everyone's table setting before I went to bed, so the only thing I had to do in the morning was prepare food and doll myself up.

What was on the menu?
We had scrambled eggs with Tasmanian fetta, rashers of bacon, a fruit platter, hot cross buns, pancakes with assorted jams, a cheese tower and lots of yummy chocolate eggs. I set up each ladies place with a lindt chocolate carrot, fluffy chick, half a dozen easter eggs and our original menu (we didn't end up with macaroons, we had bacon instead).

Why a brunch?
I enjoy brunch because I love cooked breakfast but I also hate to eat first thing in the morning, so brunch opens up this world that allows me to eat breakfast at 10 or 11am instead of 8am when all I want is a coffee or green tea. It also gives the host more time to prepare than a breakfast. my second favourite meal to host is dinner, and I'll usually go all out. I'm currently in the midst of planning a Spanish dinner party - stay tuned.

What did I wear?
I wore a delightful dress from Kitten D'amour, that is still available in selected sizes here, paired with a pair of heels from Betts & my signature Tiffany & Co lock with a pair of pearl stud earrings.

Happy Easter Sweethearts.
I wish you and your family a joyous, relaxing, long weekend.