Sunday, May 26, 2013

Five minutes with Bernie Dexter: Designer & Pin Up Model

Bernie Dexter is an American pinup model who regularly appears on lingerie and vintage reproduction websites and advertisements. She also has a very successful, fabulous clothing line that is inspired by the rockabilly scene. I love her dresses and I jumped at the chance to interview her about her brand, her passions and how she unwinds. It was lovely to hear that she isn't just the pretty face of her clothing line, and that her favourite rockabilly moment was when she met her husband. Too cute!

What inspires your designs?
I get most of my inspiration by my surroundings. I love Landscape & the beauty of nature. So when i go on holiday to Europe, ideas really start to flow.

How much input do you have into each dress?

Each design is one hundred percent me, i do a sketch & hand select fabrics. I am even the fit model! So you really are wearing something out of my own closet.

Who are you most influenced by, dead or alive?

I love & am inspired by many things & not what you may think is obvious. Not just people. I love 1940s & 1950s French & Italian style. Fellini movies are a great source of inspiration. I also love old rock n roll movies & jd style. I get inspired also by the Rockabilly music I listen to & even classical sometimes. It just depends.

When you have a moment to yourself, what do you most like to do?

I love to go for nature walks, ride my Pashley bicycle & day dream.

What is your ideal holiday destination?

London for sure. You have everything right there. History, fashion, music, theatre, glamour, nature, it is all there.

Is there a particular rockabilly experience that you've had that you will never forget?

The first time i heard & saw Levi Dexter perform. I remember saying two things "That is what it is!!" It was like a eureka moment! & "That guy Levi is the sexiest man i have ever seen". *she giggles* I had no idea i would be married to him. Thank god for fate & blind dates.

Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly?

I love them both for different reasons. Audrey has a very youthful playful style. Grace Kelly is elegant and sophisticated. No comparison really.

You can purchase Bernie's line via her website or Modcloth.