Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back in the modelling saddle

The rollercoaster that has been the past month is baffling! After over a year of having only done two professional shoots (Dickybird dresses & Lavender Latte) it was time to return to the modelling saddle with my new look and my fresh attitude. I must admit it was a little scary doing my first big shoot a few weeks ago for Sweet As Candy Vintage. I wasn't completely sure what to expect. So many things came flooding through my head; Was I skinny enough? Was my face smooth enough? Could I still pose like I used to? Did I have the strength to pull it off? Did I have the self esteem? The last time I took myself seriously as a model I was tall, blonde, tanned and a UK size 2/4, and now I look and feel totally different to what I used to. I wasn't exactly sure how my new look would translate in front of the lens.

Thankfully my first shoot was with two women I adore, Kathryn Rose and Selby Pearce, so I could break back into it without much worry at all. They were both so supportive and made me feel right at home. I was able to be silly and dance around the lot in no time at all. It's surprising how quickly you can fall back into your groove, as it took me no time at all to get used to quick outfit changes, makeup touches and posing for the photographer with an audience watching me from behind them. I felt at ease.

Two weeks later I was back to it again with two shoots over two days. It feels so surreal having my photograph taken again and having people "oooh and aaah" at the results. I know it may make me sound shallow but it's nice to have people compliment you on how you photograph. It makes me feel good having people contact me again asking me to model their clothes or do a collaboration with them. I've missed it! I got so very caught up in other things that I lost sight of who I was. I am Fashion's Sweethart!That's all there is to it. I began this blog and it became something extravagant, it brought me opportunities I could have never dreamt of and it introduced me to people I will love and cherish for years to come. You as my readers deserve more from me and I'm ready to bring you just that.

So what's next? I have a couple of collaborations in the works that I am very excited to share with you over the next month or so. Stay tuned for an abundance of material coming your way this Spring and a happy smiling girl who hasn't been this happy and healthy in a long time. For now I've put together a collection of some of my favourite photographs from "my modelling portfolio".

Images courtesy of
Photographers Selby Pearce, Jarrad Lewis, Kassidy Yang, Charles Wong & Allanah Hockam
Makeup Artists Kathryn Rose, Sarah Gibson, Caroline Campbell & Kohii Love