Saturday, August 10, 2013

Flavian's Amphitheatre

I pinched myself... "Is this really happening? Am I really here?"

When we first arrived at Flavian's Amphitheatre (Colosseum) in Rome it was late afternoon and there were thousands of people shuffling towards the entrance in great big lines. There were flags everywhere signifying tour groups and the places people had travelled from. It was crowded, it was loud, it wasn't my idea of fun. Luckily my dad had planned ahead for a special surprise as an early birthday gift.

It was quite a warm day, but not as hot as it had been earlier in the week, and a nice breeze was setting in. After a cool beverage at a café a little down the way and a stroll through the old Roman Forum, we returned to this great monument for an exclusive after hours tour. There were probably about ten of us, and our guide, but other than that the Amphitheatre was bare besides a few security personnel and two stray cats.

What happened next, words can not describe. You have to see the sun set from the amphitheatre! If there is one thing I would recommend you do in Roma it would be to arrange a tour similar to ours so that you can take the ancient steps to the top and look over the city as the sun sets. For someone who isn't fond of heights, I was mesmerised and suddenly forgot my fear, the heat and everything... but that view. I was so out of it, I didn't even manage a photograph.

Dress by Kitten D'amour