Friday, August 23, 2013

French Twist

Last Wednesday on the Ekka Public holiday Lexi, Selby & I took in a lovely morning tea at French Twist in Bulimba. I'd never been to the little café at Bulimba, but frequently enjoy a pot of tea at the one at the Palace Barracks on Petrie Terrace.

The café at Bulimba was very different to my usual hang out. Instead of pots of tea we enjoyed iced tea blends with fresh fruit, including acai berries and cranberries. They also had some delightful gluten free mousse brownies, which are definitely worth a try.

The ambience of the café was very different as well. It felt much more urban to the one at the Barracks, probably to appeal to the stereotypical Bulimba crowd. Being new to Bulimba I'm getting quite used to this style of café and I'm finding the more I dine in this little suburb the more I like it.

Both Lexi and I wore dresses from Rachel at The Hiding Tree and made a joke about being her most loyal customers. I paired mine with some little socks, a beret from Forever New and boots I picked up on my recent trip to Paris.

Photographs by Selby Pearce