Sunday, August 25, 2013

Southside Tearoom

One of the fun new places we've discovered around my new area is the Southside Tearoom at Morningside. Selby, Matt and I decided had heard that it was a host to some pretty cool local bands and had some yummy cocktails and cider on the menu. It was time to investigate, and it just so happens that the evening we showed up, along with Lexi & a couple of others, they were having a nineties trivia contest. So what did we do? Sign up our team "The Blogger Brigade" and attempt our best, which put us in last position. It just goes to show that if you were born in the nineties, you may not know so much trivial information about the decade.

Photographs by Selby Pearce & her boyfriend Matt
Dress from Eagle St markets
Earrings from Wallace Bishop
Headband from Lace
Coat from Dissh