Monday, September 23, 2013

Having a 90s rock'n'roll moment

I'm beginning to feel like I'm grabbing hold of my wardrobe with more attitude, sass and risk. This outfit, complete with a leather jacket and metallic shorts, showcases just that. It showcases my almost ceremonious rebellion against anything ordinary, pieced together with my desire to push my own personal fashion limits. Here I am clutching a dead cow's pride against my bare torso, with a punk style pixie hair cut and an expression inspired by the likes of Debbie Harry, and I feel completely comfortable and confident in the character I'm portraying. Stepping into a new persona is so liberating, and this season I channel you to do the same. Take a step away from the regularly day-to-day fashion character you play, to experience something new, fresh and ever so exciting. You never know, you could just like your new character so much you'll ask them to move on in to your wardrobe fulltime.

Photographs by Elise Walsh
Creepers - Dotti
Jacket- Sass & Bide
Shorts - Valleygirl