Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nineties Child

Right now my wardrobe is being overtaken by black and white stripes and fushia. I'm enjoying playing around with my more tomboy/grunge/street side in my dressing choices, but I won't let it overpower my femininity, hence the string of pearls around my neck in this ensemble. I'll always have a love of everything sixties, however I'm finding that I keep being drawn to things mimicking the style of the nineties. I feel this outfit expresses a good mix of all that I love this season; 60s, 90s, mod, grunge, spice trail...

I love this cap that my brother got me in Paris. Well, he bought it for himself, but neglected to try it on until after we were back in our apartment and he had thrown away the receipt, so it's now in my possession. It helped a great deal yesterday when I was on my morning walk and a magpie decided to swoop at me. Who knew a flat cap could be such great armour?

These boucle paperbag shorts from Asos have been on high rotation in my wardrobe ever since I got them last month (my Instagram followers can back me up on this). They are so comfortable and versatile, and in my favourite shade of mulberry pink.

Crop tee - Sportsgirl
Shorts - Asos
Shorts - Paris
Socks - Rubi Shoes
Coat - Dissh Boutique
Cap - Paris

Photographs by Selrose Photography