Monday, September 30, 2013

Raw Translations

On Friday night, my girlfriends, brother and I headed to The Arena in Fortitude Valley for a night of creative fun for the Raw Translations showcase. I always have such a delightful time at Raw events, and Friday was no different.

We were delighted by an array of whimsical entertainment from visual artists to musicians and an amazing runway showcase featuring the likes of Infidel, Anna Hulm and my personal favourites La'or and Undral. I was pleasantly delighted that there was a performance by burlesque performer Tina Joy, as I have only recently started getting into Burlesque dancing myself. Once you're started an art, I think you appreciate it more when you see it in a more polished, professional capacity. Some of the tricks Tina was doing were very similar, or practically the same, as those that I have already accomplished in my own training, however as I am only a beginner her routine was obviously more worthy of an applause than any performance I could master. There was also a party photo booth there, which we had much too much fun playing with. I would highly recommend that everyone attend the next Raw showcase in November, it shall be spectacular.

My polaroids & the images from our photo booth silliness (below).

Dress - Asos
Heels - Wittner
Earrings - Collette
Bag - Portmans