Thursday, September 19, 2013

The darker side to SS13

I may be quite feminine most of the time but there have been many chapters in my book of styles so far where I take on a different persona. I have a chapter where I absolutely loved denim shorts, combat boots and loose mens tank shirts. There's another chapter where my wardrobe was predominately all black and white and a chapter where all I wore was brights. I suppose I can't call my past fashionably boring, as I've pushed limits, worn bloomers at shorts, hidden my skinny frame under Olsen inspired layers and even worn leopard print stockings. There is one trend that I seem to be continually drawn to however, in amongst all the glitter, tomboy charm and pretty rockabilly dresses. My heart beats for grunge, but not just any grunge... my heart beats for what I'd like to call "Romantic Grunge". It's just that little bit feminine that I can get away with it and still call myself 'Fashion's Sweethart' and yet it has the ambiance of punk, eyeliner and drums sinking into layers of leather, lace, velvet and tartan.

Last weekend the delightful Elise Walsh and I headed up to Mount Glorious with my car packed full of grunge goodies, and went wild. This first outfit mainly consists of pieces from Sportsgirl, one of my favourite places to add a new grunge piece to my now quite extensive collection of nineties charm.

Dress - Sportsgirl
Hood - Cotton On
Beanie - Sportsgirl
Socks - Sportsgirl
Boots - Chicabooti

Photographer: Elise Walsh