Friday, October 4, 2013

Chains in the underground

There's something so underground about a plaid shirt. It's as though Debbie Harry is calling out to you from a private band rehearsal down in the sewers. This outfit was inspired by a mixture of girl rockstar icons, Debbie included. The glimmer from the shorts shines through from the dim colours and textures of the plaids and khaki to create a more upbeat take on this clashing grunge mix up.

Elise, the photographer of this grunge project, has a thing for big chunky chains. I haven't styled a big link chain into an outfit before this shoot, so to experiment I had the pick of several chains from various different brands. This Gold chain from Sportsgirl was my favourite. It was surprisingly light around my neck and added a new element to the ensemble.

Photographs by Elise Walsh

Creepers - Dotti
Gold Shorts - Valleygirl
Khaki jacket - Jag
Gold chain - Sportsgirl
Plaid shirt - Paper Scissors