Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fashion's Sweethart and The Blonde Silhouette for Evelyn Curtis

I can hardly contain my excitement when it comes to the latest spring/summer Evelyn Curtis range. It's so vibrant, full of soft romantic florals, but in a wave of different structures. It's like a bowl of fresh popuri, blended with a burning summer sunset and the distant memories of that band camp fling. Forget simple crop tops and denim shorts, as when it comes to this collection, the collection is made to be mixed and matched. Each piece can be mixed with at least two or three others in the collection, and many of the pieces can be tied different ways creating a new look with each wear.

These images are the first of my latest project. Along with the delightful blonde bombshell, Ashleigh of blog The Blonde Silhouette, and an amazing crew, I had the opportunity to co-ordinate a look book shoot for Evelyn Curtis. Over one day we pulled off three looks each, which will be released separately over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to Haley McGregor and Elise Walsh for making this project happen with their amazing photography and makeup skills. They were able to understand the concept for the shoot that Ashleigh and I were after and run with it. In this industry, it really helps when your team is all on the same page.

I absolutely can't wait to share the next look with you, but for now head on over to The Blonde Silhouette for more images from this first look.

Makeup by Haley McGregor
Photographs by Elise Walsh
Clothing available here
Check out Ashleigh's blog here