Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My First Oktoberfest

It's October, which means it's a month closer to Christmas, it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, Halloween and of course... it's Oktoberfest! Having never been to an actual celebration of drinking from steins and voting for the grandest beard and the 'wench' that can out-belch a man, I thought I'd pop my Oktoberfest cherry this year at the annual festival held at RNA Showgrounds.

I must admit, for a coeliac, the alcohol left much to be desired. For a festival based around booze there certainly isn't a lot of choice. You can have beer, wine, schnapps or soft drink, but the schnapps is fruit flavoured and mixed with lemonade (in my books you drink schnapps neat or on the rocks, forget this dilution business.) If you're a beer drinker though, you'll probably be in absolute heaven!

I was quite impressed with the food options available however. I chowed down on tornado potatoes, jacket potatoes and chocolate fondue strawberries, whilst the girls enjoyed pretzels and german sausages.

We had an absolute ball at the festival, dancing in the main pavilion to classics like "The Chicken Dance" and having girls in matching costumes to ours run up to us excited that we all matched. The festival runs over two weekends, so if you're interested in trying something new, embracing a new culture and drinking with friends, head along to the RNA Showgrounds this Friday, Saturday or Sunday (or all three).

Buy your tickets for this weekend here