Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seaworld Experience

I am a huge animal lover! I love animals, big & small, scaly & feathered, carnivore & omnivore, you got it. I'm not overly into domesticated animals, and any one who knows me knows I'm far from turning into a cat lady, however I do LOVE visiting animal parks and zoos. So it should come as no surprise that yesterday when I went to Seaworld down at Southport, I spent the majority of the day squealing, pointing at cool animals and with my mouth gob-smacked wide open by the incredible talents of some of the show animals.

I absolutely love Seaworld, because not only is it an amazing theme park where you can get up close and personal with marine wild life and the largest carnivorous mammal in the world, the Polar Bear, but it is also an amazing wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centre. Most of the animals you see at the park were rescue animals, either injured or orphaned. It's remarkable the sorts of things they do.

I wore a cute little playsuit & jelly flats, I picked both items up from Don't Tell Fannie Boutique in West End on separate occasions. I paired the playsuit with a crop tee from Supre and a satchel from Forever New.

A big highlight of the day was getting to hang out with the polar bears and see the newest addition to the Seaworld team, little cub Henry. Henry was so adorable and playful, running around chasing after his mum and pulling apart loose branches in his enclosure. As a souvenir I got my very one plush Henry cub from the Seaworld gift shop, before heading back to the Polar Bear enclosure for one last time before leaving for the day.

Disclaimer: Some of the animal photos are courtesy of Seaworld website.