Thursday, October 10, 2013

Summer Kisses

It's that time of year again, when the highway fills up with city folk grasping for a taste of the ocean, and a chance to burn their skin into a new shade for summer. I must admit I am not summer's best friend, but for some reason I don't feel too bad about the impending season this year. In fact I'm enjoying the fact that I can wear pretty summer dresses and my sandals without getting frost bite. I suppose it may be because half of my winter this year was non-existent as I was spending it over in Europe, where the average temperature at the time was mid to high thirties (celsius).

Last weekend as the Brisbane sun pushed winter into a distant memory, my girlfriends Lexi, Tiana and I headed to the sandy coastline of Caloundra. The girls took in some sunbaking as I made my way to the waves so I could sink into a part of summer I don't seem to mind so much. Always one to be prepared, I packed a thermos of fresh homemade iced tea I'd made the night before, some gluten free energy bars and apples.

My bikini was made for me by my very talented friend Lexi Wittke, designer of Evelyn Curtis.

Swimwear - Evelyn Curtis
Crochet Dress - Princess Polly
Earrings - Portmans
Floppy Hat - Dissh
Sunglasses - Market stall in Rome