Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sweet Untraditional Dates 101

Sick of the generic dinner and movie date night? Are you over sticky shoes from frozen coke coated floors and feeling like you are feeling pressured for conversation over a fancy meal? I love going on dates, whether it’s with someone I’m just getting to know or someone I’ve been with for a long time, I think I’ll always love them. I love getting dressed up, going out and the feeling that the person you’re with is giving you their full attention…. unless you’re at the cinema of course, in which case it’s probably being shared with Rachel McAdams or Halle Berry. The one thing I don’t like about dates is the ridiculous notion that you can’t get out and have some fun. Forget a fancy plate of marinated barramundi with a side salad and glass of wine; this is the time to have some fun. So sharpen those pencils ladies and gents and prepare for my list of my favourite ten untraditional dates.

1. Ten Pin Bowling Date
Ugly bowling shoes, bad pop music and the chance to see if either of you are bad losers or sore winners. What’s not to love? Places like AMF Bowling will usually charge you less for your second, third or fourth games, so you can keep playing games until you’re all bowled over!

2. Board Games In The Park Date
My personal favourite game to play on a date is checkers, because it’s not all that complicated so you can play it whilst getting to know one another. I’m also an advocate for hungry hippos and upwards. Grab a picnic rug, take away coffee, a board game or two and get ready to have some fun.

3. Picnic Date (you bring savoury, they bring sweet)
Before jumping into a date like this make sure you both know your dietary requirements. Say if he’s coeliac or your vegetarian for instance, or have some weird allergy to something random like potatoes or pears. This date can be a great opportunity to get creative and get some good old cuddle time in.

4. Food Crawl Date
Start with breakfast and work your way around the city on a food crawl, until you end up at your final destination for supper. This works best if you take it in turns to choose a place for a meal and you have to walk or take an interesting mode of transport to get there (cars don’t count!).

5. Cultural Date
Southbank, Brisbane is a brilliant place to enjoy the Brisbane Arts. Head to the Gallery of Modern Art, before taking your date to the Museum and finish up at the Brisbane wheel for a trip on the Ferris Wheel. Oooooh, how romantic!

6. Popping Cherries Date
Haven’t ridden a bike before? Perhaps your date has never bought anything from a second hand shop, or been to a tapas bar. Spend the whole day, or a portion of the day, doing things neither of you have done before. Take it in turns popping one another’s cherries.

7. Playing House Date
It may not be that time yet, it may even be your first date, but that shouldn’t stop you and your date from taking in a trip to Ikea or Freedom and getting your interior decorator on. You don’t even have to buy anything, just pretend.

8. Theme Park Date
Whether you’re a rides fanatic or you like the park shows, I guarantee this date will bring a smile to your face. Brownie points if you tick off all the attractions and shows on the one date. Also, make sure you go home with a souvenir.

9. Build A Fort Date
Your loungeroom/bedroom is to be transformed into a fortress for you to enjoy anything you please, from cartoons to board games to scary story-telling. This is so much fun and even more fun with the addition of sugary food and giant cushions.

10. Adrenaline Date
Think climbing the storey-bridge, rock-climbing or sky-diving. Partake in an activity that pushes you out of your comfort zone. It will be an amazing experience that you can share and a story you may one day be able to tell your grandchildren.

What is your favourite untraditional date?