Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tasty treats of Melbourne

Our second day in Melbourne was full of sweet sweet indulgences from flinders lane to bourke street arcades. We may not have sampled each and every treat we laid our eyes on but it came pretty close, and I feel it's necessary that these treats have their very own posting, because that's just how amazing they were.

We started things off at Knock Knock Cafe which is quite possibly one of the most adorable, indie cafes I've ever been to. We didn't drink hot chocolate or have cheese cake or a tasty plate of french cheeses... no no no, we had chocolate crackles, just like the ones mum used to make. What a fabulous way to start a Saturday, surrounded by barbie dolls and old typewriters as you read your morning paper and try some tasty fete-inspired treats.

Chokolait on Bourke Street is by far one of my favourite places to go when visiting Melbourne. A few years ago I stumbled across it with my mum, when planning on going to Koko Black which had a ridiculous queue out the front. It's a little cafe with a nook feel about it and a menu full of chocolate pralines, italian hot chocolate and delightful mousse. I'd recommend the chocolate pavlova. It's just like your regular pavlova but with a fine layer of chocolate between each layer of meringue.

Hopetoun Tearooms on Collins street has the most delightful window displays full of mouthwatering high tea goodness. The line was too long for us to waiver hours of our brief time in Melbourne but it will definitely be a must-do on our next trip.

Last but certainly not least I mustn't forget to mention Haighs (which has several locations over Melbourne). This chocolatier, simply put, can't do anything wrong. Whether it's coconut rough, chocolate coated peanuts or coffee beans, or perhaps a rocky road, Haighs beats the rest every time. I picked up a bag of treats for my family back home in Brisbane, which even warranted a public thank you via my mother's facebook page. Now that's what I csll s happy customer.

I wore a shift dress from House of Cards, Coat from Dissh and Clutch bag from SeoulGlam.