Tuesday, December 31, 2013


What a year! Every year has its highs and lows, some are more balanced than others, but no year is the same. With each new year I see an opportunity for new experiences, life lessons, friendships and education. If I had to use one word to describe my two thousand and thirteen it would be 'change'. However vague this description of my year may seem, there could be no word closer to the truth. Over the past year I have lived in four 'homes' in completely different areas of Brisbane, from Kelvin Grove, to Arana Hills, to Mount Gravatt and now to Hawthorne. I've spent a month travelling Italy and France. Left some toxic friendships behind and broken new ground with some new friends who push me to be at my best and put up with my sometimes outrageous sense of humour. This year I had my heart broken, and whilst it was on the mend, I had the chance to fall back in love with myself and to rediscover my own passions. Until then I had not noticed how much I was tied up in my relationship, putting it above everything else and often missing out on the little things that I once met with great enthusiasm.

This is when I came back to the modelling side of things. It was a conscious decision to bring myself back into this world, the world I had been missing for a while now, and to bring with me my previous experience and respect for all those in the industry. I also made the decision that this would be a hobby rather than return to the industry anticipating that it be a profitable opportunity as it once was.

I lost weight, and I put some back on, but I haven't actually weighed myself since returning from Europe in July and I'm happy for it to stay that way. 2013 was a good year for health, as I only got my dreaded laryngitis once and conquered winter with not a cold or flu in sight. I discovered Burlesque dancing and it has helped my confidence, my rhythm and brought back the discipline I once had with Hip Hop dancing.

When I was in Rome, I fell in love with another world and I am already looking into when I will have the chance to jet set back to my home away from home. I made trips down to Melbourne, Byron Bay and Sydney to explore areas other than my home city. I also put more energy into getting the most out of the city I do live in, checking out art exhibitions, markets, theatre, concerts, strawberry farms, the Australia Zoo and so much more of what Brisbane and its surrounds have to offer.

Some highlights for the blog's year include this outfit being the most viewed article on the blog with over 6000 views since it was first published in June, and the expansion of the bloggers readership to the Ukraine and Poland. Welcome! Thank you to my readers over in the United States, you've managed to come up on top as the country to visit the blog the most over the past year.

Remember everyone, if you'd like to drop me a line you can email me at editor@fashionsweethart.com

Until next year, stay sweet.

All of these images have been on Fashion's Sweethart in some capacity throughout the course of the year. Facebook, Instagram or Blog. Thanks to photographers Elise Walsh, Yolanda van Kimmenade, Carlos Mayenco & Selby Pearce; makeup artists Chelsea Marks, Molly Dunkle, Haley Mcgregor & Kathryn Rose; hair stylist Faith Williams; blogger Ashleigh McCallum.