Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas with Nicki Derrick

Nicki Derrick, designer of the label of the same name, favourite part about Christmas is giving gifts to her family and friends. She likes to soak up the happy faces of those she loves when they open up the gifts she has wandered from store to store, list in hand, to bring to them. Nicki, is not Santa by any means however it's no surprise sales of her collection increase around the holiday season as others give the gift of Nicki Derrick The Label.

I'm a "Christmas dress" kind of girl, who uses holidays like Christmas, Easter and New Years as an excuse to go and buy something fabulous to drape myself in. Nicki is just the same, but instead of scouting for that perfect outfit in the packed shopping centres or praying it will arrive on time when she orders it online, she takes a leaf out of Coco Chanels book and wears an outfit she designed herself. This year Nicki will be wearing the tied resort pants and midi top featured above. She describes this outfit as "cool, flowy and standout colours, a perfect combo for the hot days to come."

I've had such a delight showing you the latest Nicki Derrick collection over the past month and I can not wait to see what she comes up with next! My own resort pants are on their way to me, my very own Christmas gift to myself.

Photography by Carlos Mayenco
Makeup by Haley McGregor
Clothes for purchase here