Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cultural Centre

Brisbane's cultural centre is booming with two amazing exhibits at the moment. Tiana and I showed up for one exhibit at the Queensland Art Gallery and ended up with tickets to another show at GOMA aswell. Feast your eyes upon some the things we saw whilst taking in art, both old and new.

California Design 1930-1965 (Living in a modern way) is an exquisite exhibit bustling with old antiques, floor plan drawings and beautiful garments. It would make anyone who has so much as a glimpse of adoration of Mad Men fall to their knees. The only set back is that it is quite small for a paid exhibit as I felt they definitely could have expanded it more. There is so much to do with California Design floating around these days that it could easily be pulled together for another square metre or two to quench homewares enthusiasts thirst for decor.

Cai Guo-Qiang's exhibit Falling Back To Earth at GOMA is truly exceptional. It goes above and beyond the line between real and imaginary. One of his installations for instance is of one hundred statures of animals circled around a watering hole. They are all so life like and they are unpredictably placed with lambs by the side of lions and so forth. Another installation is of dozens of statures of wolves, that again looked so life like that it was always eery walking around that installation. It felt like some sort of wolf graveyard and yet it also felt incredible and so awe inspiring.

I wore a dress from Bernie Dexter