Friday, December 27, 2013

Jeans: The dating scene

Jeans and I have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I love them and all they entail. I'll take them out to dinner and introduce them to my friends and at the end of the night they're who I'll go home with. Other times I throw drinks at them, leave them waiting in the closet while I go out to dinner with my skirt and continually attempt to agitate them by prancing around the house in nothing but my underwear.

I go through fazes where I'll find a pair that I love to absolute pieces and wear them to death, but then I'll last a year, sometimes even two without even owning a pair. I find that jeans, no matter what brand, style or size, require you to remain the shape you were when you got them... or slimmer if your chosen brand of jeans has a habit of shrinking in the wash. I've had a few pairs of these jeans over the past few years, one I can remember very fondly. They were a size 6, to which I am still surprised I ever fit into because my booty is probably the most generously portioned part of my body. They survived one winter, when my booty was at the most deflated it has been since puberty kicked in. I took them to Melbourne, made waves on the dance floor with them, wore them to buyers meetings and even featured them in some articles on Fashion's Sweethart.

The following winter, when I went to pull them up leg by leg, they reached by knees and simply refused to climb up my thighs. Horrified they were thrown back in the wardrobe, and within a month had been passed on to my housemate at the time who still wears them proudly to this day. Was this the jeans fault? No. Was this my fault? No. My body had changed over the past year, as it was bound to, but as a result of the materialistic trauma I felt when I tried to relive the past winter with these jeans, I haven't worn jeans since... Not denim ones at least. Now, thanks to Cotton On I have a delicious pair that fits the current me perfectly. These will definitely get too big or too small for my everchanging figure over time, but when that time comes I won't be afraid to hit the shops again in search of my denim lover. And if we don't grow apart like all the others, perhaps denim soulmates do exist.

The gorgeous Zachary Zascada and I modelled these delightful Cotton On jeans a couple of weeks ago. Mine were paired with a bra from Bras'n'Things. We had so much fun on our shoot, playing lovers, and there will be more from our shoot coming to the facebook page soon.

Makeup by Molly Dunkle
Photography by Elise Walsh