Friday, December 13, 2013

Seeing Green with Nicki Derrick

I have always had a love of the colour green but I'm finding I've been wearing it more, and in an array of shades, ever since I had my hair transformed in this amazing copper thanks to Mel of Rokstar Salons. I like how green has the perfect contrast to the fire on the top of my head and shades like in these shorts, soften my general appearance a little bit. Plus these shorts are so very comfortable with a lovely silky texture. I also find it quite difficult to find pants/skirts that will fit me around the waist but had no trouble here as there is a long sash which I've tied into a bow at a front to keep them supported. Nicki Derricks' genius definately strikes again.

Photography by Carlos Mayenco
Makeup by Haley McGregor
Clothes for purchase here