Sunday, January 12, 2014

Evelyn Curtis: A call to love yourself

There have been and will always be labels, no matter how much people may feel that media, both capitalist and social media, has been the culprit of us feeling undesirable, under appreciated and simply not good enough. It's difficult to pin point why we all judge. In a nutshell, however, I'm going to make the call that it's simply human nature. No matter how hard someone tries to fight the urge to judge another, it will still seep through. Labels are a way of branding another person's appearance, behaviour, position in the corporate world or the social world.

Labels, at times, can be useful to describe what someone does or who they are, but it's a very fine line between being a "useful" tool and turning someone into a "tool". For instance I would be completely fine if someone labelled me as "driven" or "slim" but would probably feel totally different if these words were replaced by "forceful" or "skinny". Labels and the presence of a "judging" society can not be avoided and it will always be there, so why not make the motion to flip your own persona of yourself? In the end it's up to me, and to you, as individuals to love ourselves so that no matter the label enforced upon us we can still hold our heads high and say "So what? I'm still fabulous!"

Designer Lexi Wittke of Brisbane label Evelyn Curtis continually pushes the "good body image" proposal to women and it shines through in her latest collection that has pieces from high waisted knicker shorts to flowing maxi dresses, in an array of different adjustable sizes so that women can all drape themselves in beautiful things, no matter their size. The style pictured is from my latest project with Evelyn Curtis, of which I will share more of over the coming weeks. This is an ensemble from her "She Wears The Crown" collection, which was first showcased at Fashion Fridays Final in December.

Makeup by Molly Dunkle
Photography by Carlos Mayenco
Clothing available here