Monday, January 27, 2014

Fashion is going bananas

I've got fruit salad on my mind and I can't see that changing in the foreseeable future. Apples, pineapples, watermelon, lemons. It's not only on my fork, but its in my wardrobe and its building momentum leading into the warmest month of the year. For me, my obsession with styling pieces inspired by food began with a dress I bought from Asos a couple of years ago. It's covered in pastries and sweet cherries and always receives an immense amount of compliments. I've had women tell me they want to eat me all up, and some men too... but that's a little more creepy than complimentary.

Then it was kind of forgotten about, I'd go about eating my fruit and making my smoothies. The pineapple craze arrived and I, with my somewhat "I'm unique" approach to styling, decided to let that trend come and go and made a promise to myself I wouldn't take part in it. That being said though I would still allow myself piƱa coladas at Alfred & Constance (Fortitude Valley) because life would be sad without a little pineapple joy in it. Needless to say I failed at my promise to myself. Last December I fell in love with a baggy, breezy pineapple play suit on sale at Xenia Boutique in West End. It may have been the attractive price tag or the pom pom fringing but I couldn't step away and alas now I have been sucked into the pineapple trend.

Before I lost my battle with team pineapple, I added another fruit to my bowl. Whilst in Melbourne last November I picked up the cutest high waisted bikini set from American Apparel, covered in watermelons no less. They were cute, high waisted, had a triangle top and made me feel fabulous so I had to swipe that plastic fantastic, even if it meant my friends may have wanted to eat me later on. I can't quite work out if it was the watermelon or the pineapple that did it, but suddenly all I was seeing was fruit. It was no longer just a pineapple, a fabulous clean eating smoothie was being featured in store windows from Max & Co to Review to Sportsgirl. Now my salad also has lemons and apples to entice me away from my traditional british trends mash up each morning.

Alice of namesake label Alice Nightingale may have something to do with the pineapple trends popularity in Australia or perhaps it's just a funny coincidence. Whilst getting fitted for my latest dress from her label, which features a lemon print, we talked pineapples. "When we did our shoot last year featuring a pineapple as a prop they weren't really on the scene. I thought it would be different. Now they're everywhere." One of my favourite designers Kristen of Dickybird Dresses makes me up a handful of one of a kind pieces each season and its no suppose that when selecting fabric for my autumn collection, I couldn't resist an apple print. For someone who up until last May had spent years avoiding clothing the colour red I must say I've come a long way. Next season I'll be wearing not only red, but draping myself in poison apples.

Later this week as I pack my bag for a coastal weekend away with the girls will I opt for pineapples or apples? I suppose you'll have to wait and see. Keep up to date with my adventure between blogs on Instagram @fashionsweethart

Dress featured by Alice Nightingale