Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fashion's Sweethart for Along Came Poppet

In a magical land far off in her dreams, she's hiding from bills, expectations and complications. She's free from the burdens of everyday life, here in this magical place, where she can prowl about as all the other animals do and sing and dance until the dreaming ends.

When I met the gorgeous Cat Mapusua of Brisbane based label Along Came Poppet, and came face to face with a rack full of pyjamas complete with sequins and ruffles, I knew what I had to do. Sometimes, a collection will kick start a concept which makes way for a flow of creativity and you can't stop until that concept has become a reality. My shoot with Cat was just like that. I couldn't separate the childrens book Where The Wild Things Are from the collection, as once I paired the two during the birth of my concept, there was no way they would ever be separate again (at least not in my mind). I made a DIY "Wild Things" crown and began to search for inspiration via media platforms such as pinterest. Then, finally, one morning earlier this month, Elise, Haley and I made my vision a reality. This is the first of three very special instalments.

Makeup by Haley McGregor
Photos by Elise Walsh
Clothing available here