Thursday, January 23, 2014

High Tea at the Marriott

On Sunday Ally, Gabby, Katie and I spent the afternoon doing what we do best, in other words sipping on sweet tea blends, devouring scones and chatting about all things fashion. I for one was amazed that The Marriott hotel was able to provide me with delicious gluten free scones! I've been dreaming of this day for years and finally, along with some cream and jam, it became a reality. The gluten free orange and almond cake wasn't too bad either and the tea was absolutely superb. I will admire though Katie and Allys tea tray was a little more mouth watering in appearance than my gf/v tray and Gabbys vegan tray, with their cute little brownies and tea cakes. All in all the food was delicious, the service was first class and the company was fit for a royal dinner party. I would highly recommend Marriott for vegans and gluten free tea drinking enthusiasts alike, as well as everyone else who has a taste for sweets and a stomach prepared for decadence.

I wore a Kaftan dress from Asos, with an Asos leotard and H&M booties, finished off with accessories from Wallace Bishop and Diva.