Sunday, February 23, 2014

Insta Photo Diary February

So another month is ending, and a season at that. I am so excited for Summer to be over! I can't stand the heat, and no matter how many beach trips I take or smoothies I make, all this does is make it just a little more bareable. Yes, I've enjoyed some of the trends. I've loved that hats have taken over the fashion radar once again and that clean cut midrifts are acceptable again. Shorts and I have rekindled our relationship, after having been on the outs with one another last summer.

I have done a little bit of exploring outside Brisbane from Adelaide, to Sydney, to Byron Bay, and summer has added it own personal touch to each and every experience and activity. I experienced modelling outdoors in forty three degree heat, and I've worn a jumper in high tempatures many a time when I began to feel the burn on my shoulders. I have used six tubes of 50+ sunblock of the season, and only had two weekends where I managed to come out completely unscathed by the summers touch. Farewell summer, I'd appreciate if you stick by schedule and let Autumn take over from Saturday onwards.

If you're interested in how Autumn turns out check out my instagram @fashionsweethart for daily updates. I've put together some of my favourite instagram images from the past season for you, so you can see just what summer was like for me. Full of food, sun, fashion, huge dogs and hair changes.