Saturday, February 8, 2014

Making Animal Friends

My last day in Melbourne was full of making animal friends, from the gorgeous mare I met on Elizabeth st to the leemas at the Zoo to some pretty fish at the Aquarium. I hadn't been to the zoo in Melbourne for years and its changed a little bit over that time. The meerkats and leemas were my favourite and of course there were beautiful lions as well, so after six months of going to different zoos hoping to get my lion fix, I finally got it. As for the Melbourne Aquarium, I'd never been there before and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I was most amused when we arrived at the gift shop and found the exact same backpack as I was wearing on sale, so I must have looked like a Aquarium regular to the staff there.

Skirt - Dickybird
Leotard - Forever New
Jumper - Princess Polly
Shoes - Wittner
Backpack - Reject Shop
Earrings - Shag on Chapel St