Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh Sweet Valentine

Friday was my first Valentines Day in a while where I was completely, absolutely, 100% not committed to a male counterpart, at all, not even a little bit. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the day when it came around. It's all well and good to palm it off in the lead up, when your friends in couples are booking their evening up for some loved up plans, and embrace not building up any expectation for a ridiculous bouquet of roses or magical evening where you may end up leaving the restaurant as a fiancé, instead of girlfriend. It's another thing to let the day come and go and still feel no Bridget Jones related sickness. I'll admit I did notice that I was "single" moreso on Friday than I generally would, but I took it as a chance to spend my day listening to others stories, and falling in love with the "Fantasy of love". I also enjoyed watching all the couples holding hands on the train, and the men running into the florist just as it was about to shut its doors. I think being single, and not having the expectation of what my significant other had in plan for us, actually made me appreciate the day that little bit more. As much as its a commercial holiday now, its also (no matter how forced it may be) a chance for couples to push aside the distractions and give their partner their undivided attention. I think it would be lovely if everyone was always so loved up, happy and caring as they are on Valentines Day, but we all know that life is busy and the little things can be forgotten easily.

As for me, a single girl, how did I spend my evening you may ask? Well I ventured to New Farm Park with some single lady friends to indulge in a picnic just for us. No men, no cats, no expectations, just us sharing good food, some laughs and making another memory to add to our folio that we will reflect upon on years to come. My girlfriend Tiana wore a beautiful dress from Dissh and I wore a custom Dickybird dress with Nine West sandals and a Pinup Girl bag.

The evening was as perfect as it could be, with a surprise screening of Breakfast At Tiffanys playing right under our noses at the Powerhouses Openair Cinema.