Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunroom Passions

The past week has been full of dreary mornings, cloudy afternoons and mild evenings. It's the kind of weather that warrants cuddling up at home in a pair of faux ugg boots, a season of Friends and a mug of hot cocoa. It also makes way for overt enthusiasm when my first turtle neck jumper for this Autumn/Winter arrives in my frosty little hands one afternoon. I could barely contain myself, launching my head through the shell straight away.

I've spent the past few evenings sleeping in the sunroom of my apartment in Brisbane, soaking up the morning rays, even if my alarm gets me up before the sun. I've enjoyed a more relaxed, bohemian style of living, as I am currently swiping the slate clean for new interior decorating adventures. Step one is to push the old out, and step two is to do all I can to shine my vision onto my home. It will be exciting showing you the final product, but for now all I need is my turtle neck and a pillow to rest my tired head.

Asos Turtleneck
Pushkar Pants
Asos Ugg Boots
Adorne Pearls