Friday, March 28, 2014

The Day I Fed A Lion

On a beautiful Autumn day in Hobart, Elise and I explored both the city and her countryside surrounds. It was a sunny Sunday, and although as we left our hotel room we were rugged up in layers, it was definitely not a mild day. By lunch time I was cursing myself for having chosen to wear a jumper in place of a blouse. It wouldn't be long though before the heat would all seem like a small obstacle as this day climaxed into one of the most amazing days of my life thus far.

Twenty minutes out from Hobart City is the beautiful old village of Richmond, home to the Richmond Maze, a terrific little candy store and the popular animal sanctuary Zoo Doo. I hadn't been to Zoo Doo in ten years, and was pleasantly surprised that since my last visit they have added some beautiful lions to the family. The youngest of which were only eight weeks old at the time of our visit. That is not the most exciting part however. The most exciting thing about Zoo Doo, the most amazing, breathtaking, memorable thing about this wonderful place, was their mother.

She was absolutely amazing and so placid, which was surprising for a magical beast of her stature. There may have been a fence between us. I may have fed her with tongs. She may have been hand reared at the zoo. But that didn't take away the adrenaline and utter amazement I felt feeding this beautiful queen.

Here are some pictures from our time at the sanctuary and some of our morning stroll by the jetty in Hobart.

Evelyn Curtis Jumper
Forever New Clutch
Asos Shorts
Dissh Coat
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