Friday, March 21, 2014

Visions of Velvet & Vegetables

Autumn brings with it an array of beautiful fabrics and textures that I love to drape myself in, including amazing velvet. This gorgeous playsuit, in a crushed embossed velvet is one of my most recent purchases from Asos and was the perfect piece to keep me warm by the wharf in North Hobart last Saturday night.

Elise and I checked out Squires Bounty, a cute little tavern we came across during our adventures at the Salamanca markets earlier in the day. I enjoyed some oysters, gluten free salt & pepper squid and a pot of herbal tea. The waitress chuckled as I ordered my tea, at a place with a beer list the length of my arm.

It's March, the third month into my alcohol-free year and the temptation has completely disappeared, no matter where I am or who I'm with. I'm also back to eating a pescetarian diet, and I am hoping that my health will allow me to keep it up this time.

Asos Playsuit
Voodoo Stockings
Forever New Bag
Famous Footwear Flats
Colette Hoop Earrings
Photos by Elise Walsh